Top 10 Tips for safe online shopping in Kenya

The uptake of E-commerce in Kenya has been massive and admirable with most companies recording double digit growth and hyper-sales even in their first year of operation.

In fact, most retailers and brands have moved to establish virtual shops on some E-commerce company websites to bridge the gap between offline and online and maximize on sales.  A big chunk of Kenyans have adopted online shopping but there are those who are still skeptical.

Here are 10 tips to help you.

  1. Use the best anti-malware program on your computer

Make sure you are using the best anti-malware program and its virus signatures are constantly updated. Also, ensure your firewall is on when using a public wireless network and your own wireless network is encrypted with a password to prevent anyone outside from collecting information.

  1. Shop from online merchants with a good reputation

Ensure you know the online store’s physical address and you can walk into their office if there is a problem to be sorted.

If you have friends who have purchased from the site before, you can be re-assured by their trust too.

If the store is new, or not reputable conduct your own research by looking at the site’s reviews, customer complaints on social media pages also, ask around. If no one knows about it, don’t use it.

  1. Avoid clicking on links from spam emails to make purchases

It’s a bad idea to click on an email sent to you from someone you don’t know and shop on its landing page. Ensure you know the retailer’s website and key in the search words for yourself e.g. ,,

  1. Create a unique/strong password for online account

You will be required to create an account with the site you intend to purchase from. Make sure the password is strong and unique, passwords like 1234 or those that start with a short form of your name like Ken1234 should be avoided.

  1. Avoid ‘Extremely good offers’

If a store offers too good deals like extremely low prices, be suspicious. During mega sales/flash sales, most E-commerce sites will offer ‘incredible’ discounts but just for limited quantity of products and time.

Also look for discount coupon codes that can significantly lower your purchasing price.

  1. Don’t give too much information

After opening an account with an e-commerce company, expect to give the same information in future purchases e.g. telephone number, email address, shipping address, method of payment.

If asked for suspicious information like bank account details, driver’s license numbers, spouse or family information. Run!!!!

  1. Check the company’s shipping, warranty and return policy

Ensure the shipping fee charged is reasonable for the product you buy and the distance. The return and exchange policy should be flexible with a time limit of at least 7 days. Be sure that the warranty policy is sensible and applicable.

  1. Use a reputable method of payment to pay for products

Some E-commerce sites will offer cash on delivery payment method within certain geographical location, if you are beyond those regions, use payment methods that provide you proof of payment like Mobile money transfer and Credit cards.

Credit card vs Debit card– a credit card will have a spending limit while your debit card –linked to your bank account does not. If your credit card financial information is stolen, your money at the bank remains untouched- most debit cards do not offer this advantage.

#Jumia #Kaymu etc comes to mind.

  1. Print or save a copy of your orders

It’s advisable to keep a documentation of your online purchases. You will receive a confirmation email with the order number. Print, take a screen shot and save till you receive the product. Follow up if the item is not shipped within 10 days without prior communication.

  1. Download shopping apps created by trusted developers

Many of the big online retailers in Kenya have created apps that allow you to shop conveniently and compare prices, read reviews on your smartphone or tablet. Ensure you download the legitimate app and have a mobile anti-malware for viruses and spyware


Jumia to sell items for Ksh. 1 on April fool’s day

This is not a joke!

On Wednesday April 1st hundreds of items will be on sale for Ksh. 1. Yes, one Kenya shilling is all you will need to part with on this year’s Jumia April fool’s day sale.

The sale that kicks off at 9AM will see hundreds walk away with rather high priced fashion, electronic and general merchandise products for a ridiculous 1 bob. Customers will have to spot the items valued at Ksh. 1, add to cart and complete the check-out process to claim the product.

Speaking on the sale Parinaz Firozi MD, Jumia Kenya said,

“This is not a joke! I dare you to take the challenge and make your first ever online purchase for Ksh. 1 bob online, you still don’t believe it? Let’s see who the fool is on Thursday.”

And if one item isn’t enough, the good news is that you will be able to purchase a maximum of 2 items only. The shipping and return policy for Jumia will apply as usual. While this amazing sale may seem like a practical joke out of this planet, don’t be the April Fool and miss out on the historic sale!

Whatever you post on Social Media may cost you a Job

Most employers are relying on social media platforms to recruit potential candidates, while some companies use the same to engage with their customers and attract more sales. For job seekers, experts say using online platform such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, where one can put information and exchange of ideas, can enable one to spread his or her professional reach beyond immediate circle.

While ensuring safety against cyber-fraudsters or abusers remains a challenge owing to lack of proper surveillance to tame the vice, an ICT expert at Maseno University Dr Kenneth Kwama advises social media users to limit revealing personal information on such platforms.

“Some factors are critical especially when looking for a job but people are advised not to show affiliations like political, marital status or religious and the likes, unless its mandatory for the receiver,” he says, adding that people must be careful on what to post for public viewing.

Professional Services

Social media is slowly becoming the in-thing in the country – where one can advertise his or her skills and connect with others who may offer professional services or vacancies. A new study by University of Buffalo research team indicates access to routine information about you like where you grew up and your relationship status can help others manipulate you.

“Just having access to profile information increases their success rate, even when the information is not explicitly being used,” says the study’s lead researcher Michael Stefanone.

The study which sought to understand how personal information could be leveraged by individuals motivated by personal gain, demonstrates a surprising risk created by easy access to basic profile information online. When strangers meet, the study finds that, those with personal information about the other have an advantage.

“Knowing someone’s relationship status, political affiliation and entertainment preferences allows them to create perceived similarities during conversations with unsuspecting others,” notes Stefanone.

“If I know you are from this hometown, I might lie by saying that I am too. We like people we think are similar to us. But we found that people don’t explicitly use the information in conversations,” he adds.

Two groups in a controlled group participated in the study, where results showed that manipulators in this group had a nine per cent success rate getting their conversation partner to comply.

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Airtel secures future for Mathare slum youth

Hannah Njoroge has been providing learning at no cost to hundreds of children in Mathare slum area before the Kenyan government declared primary education in public schools free more than ten years ago.      

Hannah founded Mogra Star Academy in 1998 in Mathare, a slum situated three miles east of the city’s central business district, and considered one of the worst in Africa. The school provides education at both primary and secondary levels to more than 900 children with an aim of giving a better foundation for a brighter future to pupils and students from Mathare slum area.

Having been brought up in the slum, Hannah was aware of the many children unable to go to school because of abject poverty with their parents also unable to pay school fees.  She also realized that the children not attending school engaged in petty crime, scavenging for food and being forced into child labour.

17 years later, Hannah remains committed to this project that not only seeks to provide free primary and secondary school education but also empower them with knowledge and skills that will transform their lives and those of their families and communities in later life.

In September last year, Airtel Africa boosted her efforts with the announcement of a feeding programme for more than 900 children in the school.  The program continues to provide food for breakfast and lunch for every student at the school, 7 days a week starting immediately, enabling them to concentrate fully in class, achieve better grades and transform them into tomorrow’s leaders.           

Besides, the company as well started paying teachers’ salaries for the period of two years that the partnership will last with an option of an extension.  For the last 7 months, the teachers have been receiving their monthly salaries, motivating them to continue preparing the children for the future.

“Life was difficult for us before Airtel came into the scene. Since Airtel introduced this programme, absenteeism among students has drastically reduced, with a notable increase in enrolment rates and improvement in the school’s performance. Teachers are also excited and motivated to continue molding the students as they prepare them for life. As an institution, we have resolved that we shall go an extra mile to ensure that education standards and performance is uplifted,” said Mr. Njoroge.

Commenting on the project, Airtel Kenya CEO Adil El Youssefi said, “At Airtel, we remain committed to empowering communities by promoting educational opportunities that make a positive difference in life. It brings us great joy to see how this programme continues to enrich students’ lives. This program does more than just providing food; it provides an opportunity  for the young ones to concentrate on the education, excel in school and essentially become successful people in the community.”

Airtel Kenya wins global market excellence award  

Airtel Kenya has been honoured with the “Go-to-Market” excellence award during the 2015  Airtel global leadership conclave that took place from 19-21 March 2015 at Atlantis Palm in Dubai.

The theme for this year’s conclave was “Winning Customers for Life”.

The award contested amongst all 17 Airtel operations in Africa recognized Airtel Kenya’s strategic business approach that encompasses its customer driven market insights, product development strategies and acquisition plans. The company achieved a 200 per cent growth in the acquisition of new high value customers with a 25 per cent improvement in month 2 decay and 50 per cent reduction in Gross Acquisition Cost (GAC).

Bharti Enterprises chairman Sunil B. Mittal (right) presents the award to Airtel Kenya CEO Adil El Youssefi and Airtel Kenya HR Director Irene Kitinya.

Bharti Enterprises chairman Sunil B. Mittal (right) presents the award to Airtel Kenya CEO Adil El Youssefi and Airtel Kenya HR Director Irene Kitinya.

While receiving the award, Airtel Kenya CEO Adil El Youssefi expressed his delight at the recognition, explaining that the award highlights the company’s dedication to develop strategies that help it deliver products and services that meet customer expectations.

 “Our focus remains on identifying and understanding what the market needs to enable us to develop more innovative products and services and communication solutions that provide our customers with solutions to succeed through their needs,” he added.

Imagine a Kisumu without Malaria #REACT2015

The communities of Nyalenda B settlement in Kisumu, Kenya are riddled with Malaria because their lifestyle allows mosquitoes to flourish, most probably due to the nature of the bushy environment, open stagnant pools of water that acts as breeding grounds of the mosquitoes and also the heat in the city that allows breeding.

In this regard, Rotaract is coming to help fight the scourge; and rotaractors are traveling thousands of miles just to live for one day with them. The pleasure is in creating a legacy and every single partner who joins becomes a part of the solution to Nyalenda B’s Malaria problem.

Rotaract East Africa ImpaCT project (REACT) is a an Annual International project among Rotaract clubs drawn from 5 countries namely Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania.

VISION REACT was formed on the basis of uniting Rotaractors from diverse backgrounds and empowering them to better serve their communities on a national and an international platform. It is an annual inter-district project carried out in the different member countries. The conceptual project activities take into consideration the various Rotary areas of focus and the most immediate need of a community in a given country.
MISSION The REACT project is a campaign aimed at alleviating household problems like diseases, food security, etc by focusing on communities that are most affected and teaching them how to over-come them.
JOURNEY – REACT 2013 was conceived in the year 2013 and the implementation and launch done on the June 29, 2013. The initial project was carried out in 2 primary schools within Masaka, Uganda and activities carried out included hand washing with soap, tree planting and career guidance.The Pioneer clubs who joined the cause included the Rotaract clubs of Inyenyeri (Burundi), Kampala Central, Masaka & Mbarara (Uganda), Kigali City, S.F.B, & K.I.E (Rwanda) and Kisumu (Kenya) with over 60 participants.
REACT 2014 was hosted by the Rotaract Clubs of Inyenyeri and Bujumbura, in Bujumbura, Burundi on the 19th of April. Our beneficiaries, the households in the Buterere municipality were taught proper hand washing practices and water purification methods, receieved bars of soap,buckets, jerry cans and other sanitary equipment and were left reading materials that explained hygiene and sanitation water. We also worked in collaboration with UNICEF, Red Cross, Alchem, International, Merck Pharmaceuticals, Identity Co Ltd , the Rotary Club of Kisumu, and Rotary clubs in Burundi.
And REACT 2015 will be hosted by the Rotaract Club of Kisumu, in Kisumu- Kenya on the 4th of April. Our beneficiaries, the 323 residents of the Nyalenda ‘B’ Informal settlement will be sensitized about basic health education, vector control methods like clearing bushes and stagnant water plus distribution of insecticide treated nets to curb down on the high malaria levels in the area.
Registration is 70$ which caters to your transport to and from project, meals and accommodation (Joventure Hotel). Transport to and from your country is catered for by you.
#Lightuprotary #React2015

Facebook’s world domination with the Internet of Things

Facebook announced a new software development kit (SDK) on Wednesday to support the growing influx of web-connected devices for the home, like smart garage door openers and refrigerators.

The company will be opening its mobile app building suite, Parse, to web-connected devices to support the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things refers to products — and, well, things — that are connected to the web. This includes everything from smart thermostats and garage doors to toothbrushes, tennis racquets and even your bed. They collect data about your usage patterns and habits, and typically connect to an app that offers feedback to improve your lifestyle (or your racquet swing, for example).

Eventually, these products will work together and form what the industry is calling “smart home.”

Earlier on Wednesday, Facebook accidentally leaked news that it was going to reveal “Parse for IoT” via its official F8 conference app.

It’s unclear as of now how exactly Facebook will want to incorporate Internet of Things technology into its platform, but perhaps dimming the lights at night or opening your garage door could one day all be possible from directly within the social network.

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Embedding Facebook videos on websites is now possible

You can finally force even more people to watch that video of your cute baby or adorable cat.

Deborah Liu, Facebook’s manager of product marketing, announced the launch of the Facebook’s embedded video player, a way for users to, well, embed videos uploaded to Facebook across the web.

“Every single day, people are viewing more than 3 billion videos on Facebook,” Liu said at Facebook’s F8 developer conference in San Francisco on Wednesday.

It sounds odd that Facebook’s video player didn’t previously have a way to embed videos, given how popular YouTube embeds are It sounds odd that Facebook’s video player didn’t previously have a way to embed videos, given how popular YouTube embeds are, but it’s here at last.

Facebook’s embedded video player launches for all users on today.

Along with the new embeddable video feature, Liu announced an updated plugin for Facebook comments. With the new comments feature, users will be able to log in with their Facebook accounts and comment on a website; that same comment will be duplicated on the official Facebook-shared story.

This way, Liu says, the discussion will be accessible in two places at the same time and more people will be able to join in.

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via Embedding Facebook videos on websites is now possible.

Airtel Kenya takes steps to put the customer first

Airtel Kenya has set aside the 23rd to 27th of March 2015 for its customer centricity week, an initiative which seeks to embed a culture of service excellence among staff members to ensure that the company continues to deliver superior customer experience.

The staff-driven initiative themed “Say yes to customer centricity” focuses on staff awareness on customer centricity, highlighting the ever-changing customers’ needs in the market and the need for the business to integrate customer experience as a core part of strategy to meet organizational goals.

According to Airtel Kenya CEO Adil El Youssefi, the week gives the company an opportunity to drive discussions on how Airtel staff will adopt an “outside in” approach to business, anchored on identifying customers, understanding the customers’ needs,  and delivering the experience and convenience they desire.

“This gives us the opportunity to remind each other of the importance of engaging our customers in conversations that will ensure we deliver the right experience at that ‘moment of truth’ when they interact with us, purchase and use our services. It  is essential to successful business practice and growth, and for us at Airtel Kenya, the customer is the most important element to our business” he explained.

Mr. El Youssefi noted that the company will continue to unveil communication solutions that address consumers’ needs such as the recent launch of #unlimiNET, a product destined to champion unlimited connections for Kenyans by ensuring that they are always connected with the ability to call all networks and remain connected with friends and family on social media platforms and professional networks on the internet.

Jumia announces Easter egg hunt – #JumiaEggHunt

This Easter, Jumia will host the biggest virtual egg hunt in Kenya’s history. One egg will be hidden among different categories of products every day in the week preceding Easter. The egg will contain a voucher code that could see you get the hidden item at a huge discount.

Successful hunters will need to spot the product with the egg, add the item to cart and proceed to check out. At check-out you will need to redeem the special code that you will find on the product page of the item with the egg to get up to 85% off that item. Each code can be redeemed by a maximum of 10 different hunters.

Parinaz Firozi, MD, Jumia Kenya said, “We have been hopping around, hiding eggs on our website that need to be found. We invite you to spot the eggs and hatch the prize, who knows, you could hit a jackpot. Happy #JumiaEggHunt!”

A sneak peek into what successful egg hunters can find in the eggs includes:

Tuesday 24th March: 10 Samsung Galaxy Star Plus for only Ksh 3,999

Wednesday 25th March: 10 PS3 500 GB for only Ksh 20,999

Thursday 25th March 10 Genx Wi-Fi tab for only Ksh. 1,499

Friday 26th March: Pay for 1 item and drop another one in your basket for free!

Besides the egg hunt, this year’s Easter sale will also feature massive discounts of up to 85% on Fashion for men, women and children and best-selling electronics. Each deal will be available for one day between Monday 23rd and Friday 27th.

Timely updates on the daily offers, prizes and discounts can be found on the Jumia Kenya Facebook and Twitter handle. Follow now to help ensure you don’t miss out this Easter. The hunt is on, the fastest fingers count. What will you find?