Weird WhatsApp Status Updates only Kenyans Understand

More reasons why I love Kenya, very creative indeed.

Someone is ‘sleeping’ for 13 days??? ==> He is probably dead.

Someone is “driving” for 5 days. ==> Probably anaenda Rongai.

Someone is “happy” for one month. ==> Do they live in paradise.

Someone updates ‘Available’. ==> How free are they?

Someone is like from day 1 ‘Hey there. I am using WhatsApp.’ ==> I know! Thats why you are on my list.

Someone updates ‘Urgent calls only’. ==> Are you in the ambulance service?

Someone updates ‘Cant talk. WhatsApp only’. ==> Dude, throw away that phone.

Another say they are ‘At the gym’. ==> I wish too see their shape when they come out.

Another updates they are ‘In a meeting’ for like 6 months. ==> Kwani anaplan kuuza Kenya.

Someone else says ‘Battery about to die’ for 3 months. ==> Boss kwani your battery is immortal.

Another lady updates ‘At the movies’ for the last 6 weeks. ==> Kwani anauza popcorn uko?!

Via Facebook: Phelix Ngong’a
Share with us your current WhatsApp status in the comments box below, and tell us since when you’ve had it live. Let’s see how creative you are.

2 thoughts on “Weird WhatsApp Status Updates only Kenyans Understand

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