Kenya Airways declines to divert plane for Museveni

Kenya Airways (KQ) decided not to divert a plane to pick Uganda’s President Museveni from Mbarara airport (he was staying at his Rwakitura home in Western Uganda). A Kenyan committee is now tasked with explaining the snub, as he was set to fly into Nairobi.

Ugandan leader Yoweri Museveni put in a request to have Kenya Airways (KQ) pick him from Mbarara Airport, which was reportedly declined last month. KQ would have had to divert an Entebe bound flight to Mbarara Airport, so he could fly into Nairobi for the 16 East African Community meeting which took part on February 20.

Museveni could not use the presidential jet because it was reportedly being serviced.


Kenya’s Tetu Member of Parliament (Ndung’u Gethenji) is leading a committee to explain circumstances under which the national carrier declined the request for a short flight, according to The Standard. The Transport Cabinet Secretary (Michael Kamau), and his Foreign Affairs counterpart (Amina Mohamed), have been summoned.

“We are informed that KQ declined the request, compelling [His Excellency] Yoweri Museveni to seek the services of Ethiopian Airline[s]. Museveni is the senior-most Head of State from the region and for KQ to decline his request to fly him to a forum chaired by our own President is very embarrassing,”

Gethenji said.


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