Zuku Launches Consumer Education Campaign – #MyZukuFiberStory

Wananchi Group’s home entertainment and communication services brand Zuku, has today launched an internet service consumer education and awareness campaign on social media platforms.

The four-month campaign dubbed ‘My Zuku Fiber Story’ seeks to spark conversation and provide a platform where Zuku customers can freely share their personal or professional testimonials and experiences.

L-R,Salome Othim, Edith Vivian, Paula okul

On social media participants will adopt the hashtag – #MyZukuFiberStory, to track the comments.

Speaking during the launch of the campaign, Wananchi Group CEO Richard Alden said the reputable service provider is very keen on listening to its customers and receiving their feedback.

L-R, Kevin Oyugi, winner -(ipad), Richard Alden (CEO, Wananchi Group) 2

He noted that social media in Kenya is today used as a tool not only to keep in touch with contacts but also for existing and prospective customers to learn about services from ‘real people’ sharing their candid experiences.

“There cannot be a better guide from our users regarding what they expect to get from Zuku. This is also a great platform to allow them to learn about Zuku Fiber and explain to them, without getting too technical, how it actually works,”

he said at the launch held in Nairobi’s The Junction Mall.

L-R, Richard Alden, (CEO, Wananchi Group), Manday Roger (TV Director, Wa...

Mr Alden added that Zuku Fiber has become Kenya’s most preferred internet choice by most Kenyans for office, field and home use given its fast expanding network. This comes ahead of Wananchi Group’s launch of Fiber services in Mombasa where Zuku plans to cable around 100,000 homes once the business rolls out the entire fiber network.

“Even as we carry on with our plans to make reliable internet service accessible to across the country, we care about our customers and that is why we have adopted this tactic to make sure we form and build lasting relationships with them,”

Mr Alden explained.

L-R, Jackline Karimi (Sales), Geoffrey Kamau (Commercial), Brian Keay (s...

As part of the campaign, Zuku will introduce a mobile clinic service, targeting residential areas, to allow users to participate in Illustration Camps and Live Demonstrations on how the Zuku Fiber services is delivered to their homes and offices.

“Customers will be free to walk in, get a feel and learn more about our range of products and services – from the technical aspects to the simple usage tips,”

Mr Alden said.

L-R, Richard Alden (CEO, Wananchi Group), Esther Kimani (Zuku Fiber)


About Wananchi Group

Wananchi Group is the only service provider offering a triple play platform that includes broadband, multi-channel digital television and voice telephony. Zuku is a home-grown East African brand under Wananchi Group, established with the aim of making quality home entertainment and communication services accessible to a rapidly growing, choice-conscious African middle class. Zuku TV has over 100 channels on the Zuku Satellite platform which are developed to resonate with the African audience.

About ZUKU Fiber Services

The triple play platform is the foundation of the group’s home entertainment strategy. High capacity Fiber optic network is currently being deployed directly to residential homes in Nairobi and Mombasa with construction to be extended to the other major cities in East Africa over the next few years. Using a combination of HFC and GPON technologies the company has launched the first real triple play offering in sub Saharan Africa with residential speeds currently up to 50Mbps.


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