3 Reasons Twitter Marketing is Crucial for Small Businesses!

I am very excited about this post since we are going to talk about a very important subject, a subject that i am particularly interested in and i feel you should be as well: the importance of Twitter Marketing for Small Businesses!

Very recently i came across the following statement: “Small businesses miss tremendous opportunities to extend their reach and deepen their brand loyalty when they leave Twitter to the large companies, local teenagers, and celebrities of the world”.

According to Paul Chaloner (Head of Social Media at Fresh Egg): “If you run a large corporation – Dell, McDonald’s or Coca Cola – social media must seem pretty easy. You have a ton of fans and followers who lap up everything you throw at them (good and bad). You could be a terrible marketer on a large brand and still benefit from social media. But what about those of us running small businesses, or who work on our own? How do we benefit from social media such as Twitter? We all know social media CAN be beneficial, but when resources are limited and hardly anyone has heard of your business, you can’t afford to produce multi-million pound campaigns across a multitude of social networks. So what do you do?”

Read more: 3 Reasons Twitter Marketing is Crucial for Small Businesses!.


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