37 Secrets Only Successful People Know

The business of business isn’t really all that complicated. While there is, of course, specific knowledge required for specific industries, this post encapsulates everything that you’ll need to know to survive and thrive in the business world.


1. How to Become More Optimistic

  1. EXPECT something wonderful to happen every day.
  2. TREAT people as you’d want to be treated.
  3. DON’T waste breath fighting about things you can’t change.
  4. CONCENTRATE on the job at hand, not the results you seek.
  5. ASSUME other people mean well.
  6. AVOID depressing people and conversations.
  7. EAT something delicious every day.
  8. TURN OFF the background television.
  9. ADOPT an attitude of gratitude.
  10. REMEMBER that the best is yet to come.

2. How to Eliminate Stress

  1. CULTIVATE the patience and perspective to let go of your results.
  2. FOCUS on what you’re doing now rather than the results.
  3. IF you’re overworked, negotiate a more reasonable workload.
  4. CUT your hours to the “sweet spot,” which is about 40 hours a week.
  5. AVOID people who won’t or can’t control their own stress.
  6. FIND a place where you can work quietly away from distractions.
  7. TURN OFF news programming that’s designed to rile you up.
  8. TURN DOWN projects that you can’t do well.
  9. STOP arguing with fools and strangers online.
  10. ARRANGE tasks consecutively rather than trying to multitask.

3. How to Overcome Fear

  1. CONFRONT your fears head on to reduce their power.
  2. IMAGINE dealing with the fear to make it less daunting.
  3. REMEMBER that fear is just excitement in disguise.
  4. USE fear to spawn the energy you need to perform well.

4. How to Cope With Rejection

  1. REALIZE that rejection is just a difference of opinion.
  2. UNDERSTAND that rejection only hurts because you let it.
  3. REMEMBER that every rejection moves you closer to your goal.
  4. KEEP other opportunities in reserve so you can quickly move on.

5. How to Rise Above Failure

  1. CREATE goals that motivate you to achieve something possible.
  2. ALWAYS write goals down; display them where you’ll see them.
  3. DECIDE by saying “I must…” or “I will…” rather than “I’ll try….”
  4. BREAK your big goals into smaller, measurable milestones.
  5. CHECK whether you’re moving toward or away from your goals.
  6. WELCOME setbacks because they’ll hone your plan.
  7. REMEMBER that the only true failure is failing to take action.


6. How to Achieve Your Dream Job

  1. KNOW what would constitute your dream job.
  2. FIND role models and incorporate their way of thinking.
  3. HAVE the courage to sacrifice your security.
  4. LEARN to sell your ideas and yourself.
  5. CREATE a plan and start executing it today.
  6. ADJUST your goal as you learn more about yourself.

7. How to Attain Career Security

  1. LIVE below your means until you’ve got six months of income saved.
  2. DEVELOP expertise that makes it less likely you’ll be fired.
  3. CULTIVATE new opportunities and record them in an escape plan.

8. How to Get More Done Each Day

  1. DON’T take calls from people you don’t know, unless you’re working in telesales or product support.
  2. USE email instead of time-consuming voice mail
  3. LIMIT your chitchat with co-workers.
  4. TURN OFF “alerts” that interrupt your thinking.
  5. KEEP TRACK of how you spend time; that’s half the battle.
  6. REMEMBER that 20 percent of your actions produce 80 percent of your results.
  7. ONLY DO the 20 percent that produces the 80 percent of your results.
  8. PRIORITIZE based on what accomplishes the most with the least effort.

9. How to Use LinkedIn Effectively

  1. YOUR personal brand will define how people see you.
  2. GET a professional portrait and expunge unprofessional ones.
  3. CUSTOMIZE your résumé to match your career goals.
  4. SOLICIT recommendations that are realistic and relevant.
  5. AVOID blogging, unless you’re being paid to do so.
  6. KEEP your irrelevant opinions off the internet.

10. How to Land a Job Interview

  1. CREATE and sell your own job description, if possible.
  2. GET a current employee to recommend you, if possible.
  3. CUSTOMIZE your résumé to match the job description.
  4. EXPLAIN “who I am” in terms of the specific job.
  5. DESCRIBE specifically how you helped former employers, not what you did.
  6. INCLUDE benefits that echo phrases from the job description.

11. How to Ace a Job Interview

  1. DON’T put all your eggs in this one basket.
  2. FIND out all you can about the hiring firm.
  3. DEVISE questions that show you’ve done your research.
  4. REHEARSE answers to the standard questions.
  5. WEAR what you’d wear if you worked there; don’t be late.
  6. GET the offer, then decide whether you really want the job.


12. What Great Bosses Believe About Their Jobs

  1. BUSINESS is an ecosystem, so cooperate, don’t fight.
  2. COMPANIES are communities, so treat people as individuals.
  3. MANAGEMENT is service, so make others successful first.
  4. EMPLOYEES are your peers, so treat them like adults.
  5. MOTIVATE with vision, because fear only paralyzes.
  6. CHANGE is growth, so welcome rather than shun it.
  7. TECHNOLOGY eliminates busywork and frees creativity.
  8. WORK is fun, so don’t turn it into a chore.

13. How to Create Loyal, Effective Employees

  1. MANAGE individuals, not numbers.
  2. ADAPT your style to each person.
  3. MEASURE what’s truly relevant.
  4. ONLY one priority per person.
  5. STAY even-tempered.
  6. TAKE responsibility for your low performers.
  7. SHARE your thoughts and ideas.
  8. ASK questions rather than providing answers.
  9. TREAT everyone as equally as possible.
  10. DON’T expect more than you’re willing to give.
  11. EXPLAIN the reasoning behind your decisions.
  12. DON’T prevaricate, decide now!

14. How to Hire a Top Performer

  1. KNOW exactly whom you’re looking for.
  2. CONSTANTLY seek viable candidates.
  3. LOOK for character, not experience.
  4. RESILIENCE is the mark of potential greatness.
  5. SEEK out the self-motivated.
  6. ATTITUDE is all-important.
  7. DON’T settle for canned references.

15. How to Hold a Productive Meeting

  1. HAVE an agenda before you meet.
  2. PROVIDE background information.
  3. DON’T let the meeting meander.
  4. DOCUMENT what decisions were made.

16. How to Offer Constructive Criticism

  1. ADDRESS undesirable behaviors when they happen.
  2. OFFER praise, then identify the behavior you want changed.
  3. ASK questions to understand the “why” behind the behavior.
  4. AGREE upon a plan to change the behavior.
  5. MONITOR and reinforce the changed behavior.

17. How to Redirect a Complainer

  1. SCHEDULE a conversation when they try to start one.
  2. SET the agenda for the conversation as a “problem-solving” session.
  3. LISTEN respectfully to the entire complaint.
  4. ASK what the complainer plans to do.
  5. CONFIRM that your advice is truly wanted.
  6. PROVIDE your best advice (if it’s wanted).
  7. END the conversation at the first “Yeah, but….”

18. How to Fire Somebody

  1. TELL it like it is without the biz-blab.
  2. SHOW empathy for your co-workers.
  3. EXPLAIN why it’s happening, as far as you legally can.
  4. CUT quickly, heal, and move on.


19. The Ten Types of Annoying Co-Workers

  1. WAFFLERS can’t decide, so force the issue.
  2. CONQUERORS must win, so make them team leaders.
  3. DRAMATISTS crave attention, so ignore them.
  4. ICONOCLASTS break rules needlessly, so avoid them.
  5. DRONERS are boring, so find something else to do.
  6. FRENEMIES sabotage, so keep them at arm’s length.
  7. TOADIES are irrelevant; be polite but ignore them.
  8. VAMPIRES leach energy, unless you stay upbeat.
  9. PARASITES steal credit, so track who’s contributed.
  10. GENIUSES are all talk, so pester them until they deliver.

20. How to Earn the Respect of Your Peers

  1. BE yourself rather than your role.
  2. SHOW interest in other people.
  3. SHARE the limelight.
  4. DRESS and groom to match your ambitions.
  5. PAUSE before speaking to mentally frame your thoughts.
  6. SPEAK from your chest without verbal tics or an end of sentence rise in pitch.

21. How to Play Clean Office Politics

  1. FIND OUT what other people need and want.
  2. BUILD mutually useful alliances with those you can trust.
  3. KEEP TRACK of the favors you owe and the ones owed you.
  4. USE your alliances at key points to help achieve your goals.

22. How to Recruit a Mentor

  1. MENTORS crave to teach people what they’ve learned.
  2. SEEK OUT mentors who have experience and skills you lack.
  3. ASK for advice and let the relationship develop.
  4. BE KIND when you outgrow the relationship.

23. How to Shine in a Meeting

  1. TREAT meetings as a possible way to advance your agenda.
  2. AVOID meetings that don’t serve your own agenda.
  3. DECIDE whether each meeting will be useful or useless.
  4. EITHER decline to attend or prepare well; no in between.
  5. TAKE notes, so you can speak coherently when it’s your turn.
  6. SPEAK confidently, and, if appropriate, segue into your agenda.
  7. PUBLISH your own “minutes” of the meeting.

24. How to Cope with an Office Bully

  1. DON’T try to calm the bully down or apologize.
  2. INSIST on respectful, professional behavior.
  3. IF the unprofessional behavior continues, leave the immediate area.
  4. COPE with your own emotions privately.
  5. REVISIT the issue at a later date.
  6. DECIDE whether the relationship is worth it.


25. The Five Rules of Business Communications

  1. KNOW your reason for communicating.
  2. PICK a medium that’s appropriate for the other person.
  3. SIMPLIFY your message for easy mental consumption.
  4. EDIT out all buzzwords and corporate-speak.
  5. AVOID jargon, unless dealing with fellow experts.

26. How to Have a Productive Conversation

  1. KNOW the reason you’re having a conversation.
  2. IGNORE your internal dialog.
  3. LISTEN carefully to the other person.
  4. CONSIDER what was said and echo it back.
  5. RESPOND with something that adds to the conversation.

27. How to Write a Compelling Email

  1. KNOW what decision you want made.
  2. EXPRESS that decision as a conclusion at the beginning.
  3. SUPPORT that conclusion with simple arguments.
  4. PROVIDE evidence to bolster each argument.
  5. REPEAT your conclusion as an action item.
  6. WRITE the subject last and include a benefit.

28. How to Create a Great Presentation

  1. PLAN OUT an emotional journey for the audience.
  2. FLAG the places where the audience will feel emotions.
  3. BUILD a story that creates the emotions in that order.
  4. ARRANGE everything into a simple structure.
  5. MAKE slides relevant, short, simple, and readable.
  6. CUSTOMIZE your presentation and rehearse it.

29. How to Deliver a Great Presentation

  1. STAND UP rather than remain seated when you speak.
  2. CHECK your equipment in advance.
  3. HAVE somebody else introduce you.
  4. SET AND RESPECT a time limit.
  5. AVOID “warm-up” jokes, unless you’re a comedian.
  6. ADJUST your presentation to the “feel” of the room.
  7. LESSEN stage fright by speaking to individuals, not the entire audience
  8. SPEAK directly to audience members.
  9. DON’T meander and skip.
  10. MAKE eye contact with multiple people.

30. How to Work a Room

  1. BE CURIOUS about people and what they do.
  2. WHEN ASKED, describe yourself in terms of the value you provide.
  3. IF the other person seems uninterested, move on.
  4. EXPLAIN how you’re different from the competition.
  5. IF the other person seems uninterested, move on.
  6. OPEN a conversation to assess mutual needs.
  7. IF interest continues, ask for a real meeting.

31. How to Negotiate a Deal

  1. DEFINE what’s on the table in the deal.
  2. DECIDE what’s important to you and what’s not.
  3. HAVE reasons why those things are important to you.
  4. RESERVE a plan B, so your hand isn’t forced.
  5. LET the other person open the negotiation.
  6. WORK together rather than digging your heels in.
  7. CREATE a deal that reflects what you both value.
  8. STOP negotiating when the bulk of the deal is defined.


32. The Twelve Types of Bosses

  1. VISIONARIES are inspiring but can act like jerks.
  2. CLIMBERS want to get ahead, so expect no loyalty.
  3. BUREAUCRATS hate change, so document everything.
  4. PROPELLERHEADS love gadgets, so become an expert.
  5. FOGEYS want respect, so recruit them as mentors.
  6. WHIPPERSNAPPERS are insecure, so don’t make suggestions.
  7. SOCIAL DIRECTORS love consensus but may suddenly explode.
  8. DICTATORS make fast decisions but cause disasters.
  9. SALES STARS would rather be selling, so let them do so.
  10. HATCHET MEN execute layoffs, so get another job pronto.
  11. LOST LAMBS need your help but may get dependent on you.
  12. HEROES are rare, so enjoy them while it lasts.

33. How to Keep Any Boss Happy

  1. DO what you say you’ll do.
  2. KEEP your boss in the loop.
  3. CARE about your quality of work.
  4. ACCEPT decisions when they’re made.
  5. SOLVE problems without whining.
  6. BE concise and clear.
  7. MAKE your boss successful.

34. How to Get the Best from Your Boss

  1. COMMUNICATE what you need in order to do your best.
  2. KEEP your manager informed of your progress.
  3. MAKE a case for keeping you in your job.
  4. ENSURE that everyone knows how much you contribute.
  5. UNDERSTAND your boss’s goals and desires.
  6. CULTIVATE a common interest.

35. How to Ace Your Performance Review

  1. FIND OUT what you must accomplish and document the conversation.
  2. TRACK and report on your accomplishments against your metrics.
  3. WRITE your performance review draft or provide “inputs” to same.
  4. IF the boss attempts to renege, insist on some other reward.

36. How to Handle an Unreasonable Request

  1. BE flexible about what’s unreasonable.
  2. IF you accept the task, negotiate something in return.
  3. CULTIVATE the courage to say no.
  4. REMEMBER that once you do it, it’s part of your job.

37. How to Ask for a Raise

  1. DON’T bother discussing what you need, want, or expect to be paid.
  2. BASE your proposed raise on your financial contribution.
  3. LET your boss know how much it would cost to replace you.
  4. GATHER information to buttress your case.
  5. ESTABLISH a discrepancy between your value and your pay.
  6. FIELD objections, so they reinforce your case.
  7. PUSH until you’ve gotten a commitment with a number.

Excerpted and adapted from the book Business Without the Bullsh*t, by Geoffrey James.  © 2014 by Geoffrey James.  Reprinted by permission of Business Plus. All rights reserved.


Beach Crazy? This Five Sandy Townships of Mozambique Will Spoil You!

Whatever your origin, landing in Maputo-the capital town of Mozambique awakens a feeling that you may not be able to explain. The surreal feeling illuminated by age-old lighthouses, homogenous architecture embracing Mediterranean-style, sands stretching beyond horizons and the promise of endless coastline. With a continental coastline that rivals any other in Africa, Mozambique offers a variety of beach destination for every traveler. Here is a low-down of what to expect in the five top, as explained by Jovago.com.

Quirimbas Archipelago


Located in the far north, the Quirimbas Archipelago are a beautiful string of islands consisting of thirty four islands; both desolate and inhabited, private and public. The archipelago presents a timeless escape into the world of Portuguese trade which took place in the 18th Century. Most of these islands are connected to the mainland by coral reef cropping, sand bars and swampy mangroves. The islands are home to the spectacular jewel, Quirimbas National Park which protects most of the rare habitats found here. Quirimbas is a fairly a new destination, with most resorts still new, thus offering a chance to walk the virgin path and leave your footprints where no man has been!


InhambaneIf you are a poetic fairy or knight, then you might have heard of Craveirinha’s Tasty Tangerines of Inhambane, the poem that wishes Inhambane –popular for the fruit- a long life, before going ahead to raise curiosity on the secretive whispers in the queues. Inhambane exists as it did in the 10th Century; a long palm fringed border that never seems to get enough of the ocean’s kisses. There is enough modern accommodation, and the beach town, seems to attract new visitors every season, some keen on spotting the dudong schools before they go extinct while others chase after the mantra ray’s evil reflection on the whales.



A spell-binding, hakuna matata kind of scenery, Vilankulos is the perfect destination for visitors looking for time off the urban rut race, and sea food worth Food Network! This Mozambican capital of watersports is popular with enthusiasts as it offers great tides for surfing, diving, snorkeling and dhow tours for a sight of the vibrant fishing villages. Horse riding along the beach as well as barefoot walks is another indulgence here, take it all! One thing you must note and prep before your trip is that Vilankulos or Vilankulo moves at her own pace, so, slow down, smell the calamari and calm down to the local pace!

Bazaruto Archipelago


With five stunning islands within one of the largest protected marine areas in the Indian Ocean, it’s no doubt a great destination for marine exploration. Bazaruto, is composed of five palm-fringed, unspoilt islands, making a valid claim to the title Jewels of the Indian Ocean. It’s an ideal destination for honeymooners, water-sporting, fishing as well as an idyllic location for all-inclusive tropical island vacations. Each Island has something unique to offer; Benguerra is adored for her clean, white sandy beach, Santa Carolina-the smallest of the five- is fondly referred to as Paradise Island, with the remnants of a fort serving as a nostalgic reminder of its history. Magarugue is home to the rare Marlin and Sail fish, while Bangue is the most solitude, with close to no life apart from backpacking campers and crawling oysters. Bazaruto offers the life-size marine park.

Mozambican Pemba

Mozambican Pemba

This might be confused for the clove legend island of Tanzania, hence the emphasis. Mozambican Pemba lies to the north, acting as the main gateway to the Quirimbas Archipelago. The island is most popular as home to the world’s largest natural harbor, Pemba Bay- formerly named Porto Amélia, in honor of the queen of Portugal. Pemba is popular for watersports, and diving and is also the capital town of Cabo Delgalo province.

6 ways to get the best deals: Jumia Mobile week megathon

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the deal

Why learning to code can help you land any job

Learning to code has lots of benefits. Aside from the obvious (like being able to build websites and web applications), coding skills can make you stand out when it comes to looking for career opportunities. EVEN for positions that don’t involve writing code on the day-to-day. Or at all!

As Skillcrush says: Digital skills are job skills. And that’s the truth!

Before diving into all the job possibilities that having coding skills open up for you, let me give you a quick example of how I used my new coding skills to get non-coding jobs.

Non-coding jobs I landed because I could code

Most of the non-coding opportunities that came up because of my skills relate to writing or marketing.

One example is my work for Josh Owens. Josh is a prominent figure in the Meteor.js community. (Meteor.js is an “open source platform for building web and mobile apps in pure JavaScript”). He hosts the Meteor podcast, teaches online courses about Meteor, and helps startups build Meteor applications. (Not to mention that, once upon a time, he was a Rails Core Contributor!)

I first connected with Josh on Twitter, where many great professional relationships begin. A little Twitter banter and a few emails later, I mentioned my copywriting experience (Read: pre-coding skill). This casual mention led to helping Josh on writing projects like this one.

While none of the work I’ve done for Josh involved actually writing a line of code, knowing about JavaScript, how full-stack frameworks work, and dabbling in Meteor myself made it possible for me to do the job well.

And there are other instances like this one, where knowing how to code helped me land gigs that don’t involve writing actual code. (For instance, my recent position as the Tech Careers Expert for about.com.)

True, most of the work I get relates to writing. But there are a plenty of other fields and positions where knowing how to code can make you stand out. Here are 9 examples you should check out:

Remember: when applying to jobs you don’t have to meet every requirement. In fact, if you do, you are probably over-qualified. Think of job descriptions as an HR managers wish list. It is recommended that you meet about 80% of the requirements.

Still, keep in mind that rules are meant to be broken. And everything is situational. If there’s a job you think you’d be perfect at, and you only meet 70% of the listed skills — I say go for it.

9 Non-coding jobs where you’ll stand out if you can code


1. Technical writer

This is like most of the writing I do. Technical writing could mean:

  • Writing internal documentation
  • Creating customer support materials (or user guides)
  • Or even coming up with blog content (like what Randle Browning and Kelli Orrela do here at Skillcrush!)

Why knowing how to code will make you better at this job:

Put simply: You understand what you’re talking about. As a result, you’re able to use the correct terminology and language for the subject you’re writing about. It’s tough to be a technical writer if you don’t understand the topic at hand. People who know the given topic (say, Ruby on Rails) will pick up on it quickly if you’re trying to sail in unknown waters.

Example job listing:

Technical writer, Box

2. Instructional designer

Instructional designers are similar to technical writers, except that instructional designers focus on creating learning material. Oftentimes this position involves producing some kind of video or documentation and also navigating learning software. And your work could be for internal (within the company) or external use (for customers).

Why knowing how to code will make you better at this job:

This role involves communicating technical concepts to the non-technical. Many instructional designers not only develop scripts and content, but they must also know how to use different e-learning software as well as basic HTML for formatting online content.

Example job listing:

Technical writer/Instructional designer, Sailthru

Product development/Management

3. Project manager

Project managers are needed across a wide variety of industries. They typically manage budgets as well as timelines for projects, and they also explain and coordinate project deliverables, plus, of course, coordinate teams of engineers, designers, and upper-level managers.

Why knowing how to code will make you better at this job:

Communicating with people in technical roles (developers, engineers, quality assurance (QA), and designers) is key to project management. In fact, many times, the project manager is the link between the team and upper management. So, if you can understand each person’s role and duties, you’ll be a much more effective project manager.

Example job listing:

Project manager, Nerdary

4. Product manager

Product managers develop a product experience from product planning to execution. They work with engineers, sales, marketing, and support to ensure goals for products are met.

Why knowing how to code will make you better at this job:

You’ll also need to know how to communicate with technical team members as a product manager. And, depending on the company, as a product manager you may be expected to wireframe or sketch out ideas, meaning you’ll have to have skills with certain tools and applications which require some basic tech savvy. Moreover, if you’re giving instructions to others on how to create or build something, being able to understand the limitations and functionalities of the product will make this task much easier for you.

Example job listing:

Associate product manager, Social Tables


5. User experience (UX) designer

UX is a wide-ranging field which can include everything from research to designing user-friendly products. Ultimately, the “user” is at the center of a UX specialist’s world. And their goal is to make products or websites easy to use.

Why knowing how to code will make you better at this job:

UX designers must collaborate with other people like product managers and engineers. Aside from being familiar with design principles, accessibility standards, and mockup tools, many successful UX designers know how to code themselves because coding comes in handy for quickly prototyping applications as well as understanding the limitations of what engineering or development teams can create.

Example job listing:

UX designer, Communispace

6. User interface (UI) designer

UI and UX are two terms that are easy to confuse. UI focuses on the interface, or the appearance, more than the actual visceral experience of using a product. So, in some ways, UX is more like the design, while UX focuses more on the structure.

Why knowing how to code will make you better at this job:

Designing simple user interfaces and knowing what’s possible from a developer’s standpoint is critical to UI design. As a UI designer, you’ll need to be able to communicate with those developers. And, again, the ability to use prototyping tools or to even code mock applications or sites will put you at the top of this field.

Example job listing:

UI/Interaction designer, HomeTeam

Marketing/Biz dev

7. Marketing coordinator

Marketing coordinator roles can vary from company to company, but they generally involve executing marketing initiatives, tracking the progress of campaigns, and refining strategies based on results.

Why knowing how to code will make you better at this job:

Like most careers, marketing has gone digital. Important marketing components, like SEO for instance, involve some HTML coding, and using tools like Google Analytics involves a level of tech skills too. Just understanding how websites and the Internet as a whole work will help you be a better marketer.

Example job listing:

Marketing coordinator, Axiom Zen.

8. Analytics associate

Do you love measuring data? Working with Excel to sniff out trends and patterns? Then an analytics position may be for you. Jobs related to “big data” are growing at jaw-dropping rates since virtually every industry nowadays is using data to guide decision-making.

Why knowing how to code will make you better at this job:

Analytics jobs are all about logical thinking and quantitative analysis — both talents strengthened by gaining tech skills. Most jobs in big data also involve using data visualization tools like, for example, d3.js. (Yes, the “JS” meaning JavaScript!) And other kinds of programming experience (especially in Python or R, a programming language used in statistical computing — aka Big Data) can be a bonus in analytics.

Example job listing:

Analytics associate, Thumbtack

9. Growth hacker

Growth hacker is a relatively new marketing term, only coined in 2010. A growth hacker differs from a general marketer because their primary focus is growing the user base, aka, getting more customers in the pipeline!

According to marketing geniuses Neil Patel and Bronson Taylor, “Growth hackers, using their knowledge of product and distribution, find ingenious, technology-based, avenues for growth that sometimes push the bounds of what is expected or advised.”

Why knowing how to code will make you better at this job:

Growth hacking, or acquiring new users quickly, is all about problem solving. Knowledge in a range of fields, like digital marketing, web analytics, and of course coding, is key to solving growth hacking problems. The day-to-day work involves logical thinking — a huge component of programming. And many growth hackers are expected to be able to code at least some of the tools of the trade like simple landing pages or tracking links.

Example job listing:

Growth hacker, Great Call

As you can see, knowing how to code can either simply be a looked-for skill or even make you infinitely more employable in so many jobs — even if the day-to-day responsibilities don’t actually involve coding.

So, make yourself a standout candidate for whatever role you’re dreaming of by learning how to code today.

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In The High Dwellings of the God: Climbing Mt. Kenya

Lying unjustly in the shadows of Mt. Kilimanjaro is Mt Kenya, the second on the least of Africa’s tallest mountains. The mountain, once recorded to scale 600 meters above sea level has seen dramatic changes through the years to its current imposing jagged massif. These are the weathered remnants of a large extinct volcano that whos last activity was recorded millions of years ago. The mountain is circled with glacier and capped with snow, despite having straddled the equator on its rise.

Trekkers and climbers can look forward to dramatic vegetation; from bamboo stretches, afro-alpine moorland, tropical forests, grassland, rare giant lobelias and shrubs.  There are five known routes to the peaks, twin peaks of Batian (5199m) and Nelion (5,188m) and the no less dramatic Peak Lenana (4,985m), each calling for tough fitness as well as altitude experience.

Jovago’s Top 3 Routes:

The Naromoru Route

Naromoru RouteThis is the fastest, thus most popular of the routes. Climbers will take between 3-5 days to complete the ascent, mostly having scaled the Lenana Peak. The climb is quite rapid with sharp uphill climbs, which makes it unsuitable for climbers who wish to gain extra time for acclimatization. Although it’s a recommended route for climbers without pressed for time, it’s not as scenic as the other tw. There are several camp sites on the route as well as bandas and huts that should be booked ahead of the climb with the guide’s assistance. Worth of note is the legendary vertical bog, a 9 km stretch of muddy moorland that can get quite unpleasant after the rains.

Chogoria Route

Chogoria RouteLaying to the East of the mountain, Chogoria route has long been considered the most scenic and dramatic of all the three routes. Among other notable features along the route include Lake Michaelson and the spectacular Gorges Valley. The gradient is less sharp, making it more of a hike than an arduous climb. The route is also not as popular, thus a great option for trekkers keen on avoiding the crowds. You may choose to camp along the route, remember the temperatures will go down to -20 or even below, be ready to counter this. The last night just before you scale the summit will most likely be spent at Shipton summit hurt before taking a different route – Sirimon route – on descent to maximize on the experience. Note that Chogoria is the longest route and may take up to 7 days depending on your fitness and time allowance, you will however enjoy the benefits!

Sirimon Route

Sirimon RouteSirimon route is the least trekked path of the popular three, but offers the best acclimatization opportunity. The route can be anything between 54-60 kilometers with very picturesque lining of yellowwood forest. The very gradual trail then leads through moorland patches, beautiful and rare high altitude flowers and lots of wildlife including buffaloes and elephants.


Getting Ready

If travelling into the country, you may need an extra day in your itinerary for arrival at Jomo Kenyatta Airport in Nairobi and a two-hour drive to the starting point of your climb. Effect this on your departure schedule as well.

Regardless of your preferred route, ensure that you are fit and healthy enough for the challenge. There are numerous reported cases of pulmonary oedema and related ailments by climbers. In case your body says otherwise along the climb, it would be prudent to not take the risk above the clouds.

Your Gear

You can get sleeping gear, camping wear and other odds and ends around the townships. Your guide should also be able to link you up with reliable porters, cooks and any other service staff you may need.


Book your hotels on Jovago, and enjoy Book enjoy the township as well as other activities such as the Mount Kenya National Park. Check available hotels on


Fun Fact

Agikuyu HomeThe Agikuyu tribe of Kenya, who live around the mountain have a firm belief that God – commonly referred to as Ngai lives on the mountain. Thus, they traditionally built their huts facing the hallowed mountain.

Safety: It’s important that you get an experienced guide as recommended by your booking company. Lone climbers must be very experienced, although part of the park rules insists on never climbing alone. You may also not get very popular with the locals for denying them their source of income!

Money: Kenya Shillings, All International Credit Card (Visa; MasterCard) are accepted in the ATM.

Exchange Rate:  http://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/convert/?Amount=1&From=USD&To=KES

Country Code: +254

Main Airport: Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi

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Jumia to host biggest mobile phone sale ever

Thousands of mobile phones will go on sale at steep discounts during Jumia‘s Mobile Week Megathon sale set for between the 2nd and 8th of June.

Unlike the Black Friday Sale which lasted for a day, the Mobile Week will span a whole week and will feature some of the world’s most renowned mobile brands including Innjoo, Infinix, Samsung, Fly Mobile, Microsoft and Tecno with deals which will sell at ‘jaw-dropping prices’.

Managing Director Parinaz Firozi said, “I am confident no other company can match the prices of mobile phones Jumia will be offering during the mobile week since we are working directly with the brands to get exclusive deals and even launch new handsets.

Customers who download the Jumia application for Android, IOSWindows or Black Berry will receive exclusive early access to the deals from 5:00AM in the morning before the deals go live at 9:00AM on desktop.

To ensure that customers don’t miss out on their favourite brands, Jumia will offer a different brand every day.

jumia calendar

Among the most anticipated deals include Infinix Hot Note to sell at 10,499 down from 20,998, Tecno Y4 at Ksh 4999 down from 6,899 Samsung J1 at Ksh. 9,999 down from 10,999 and Fly Mobile Thunder 3 at 4,999 exclusively to Jumia among others.

A press conference will be held in early June to mark the start of the promotion with the launch of an original white paper on the “Growth of the Smartphone Market in Kenya”.

Jumia Mobile gif

Six Ways Technology can Help You Save on Travelling Costs

Since the advent of mobile payments, online travel agencies and quirky applications that almost allow you to see into the future, the Silicon Valley fellas have not gone a day without churning a surprise for the user. Not a bad thing at all, except that while we all go gaga on just how smart the next invention will be, sometimes we lose the core objective of these innovations: convenience. Still, savvy travelers can always count on technology to save them both time and money when planning and on trip/vacation. Below are six areas as listed by Jovago that travelers can maximize on for that elusive money-saving scheme.

Taxi Ride Share Services and Taxi Apps

Whether travelling overseas or taking a break to the coast, we all admit that tagging your vehicle will not only cause you headaches with authorities and clearances involved, but may also incur a deep dent on your bank account. To counter this, and for the sake of a few notes, you can chose to enjoy a taxi ride with like-minded flight mates, or simply download taxi applications such as Easytaxi , with a reputation for agreeable charges as well as security.

Flight compare Sites, and Early Reservations

Flight fares can be awfully unpredictable and especially for last minute travelers who may not have much of an option. However, the moment you have an inkling on exploring some new destination, your first step should be to get up and get on with flight comparing apps such as Skyscanner. Select a period you are most likely to travel and keep a graph on the updates. As a common observation, weekends, public holidays and school holidays will attract a sizeable hike in flight fares. Travel websites are great go-to as well, for instance www.jovago.com has scheme called Best Price Guarantee, which promises to always the lowest rate for accommodation or refund the difference if guests find the same at cheaper rate elsewhere on the web!

While technology has its own demerits like the new era of robotic humans! We cannot ignore the savvy convenience. Once you set your travel budget, remember any trips to the flight agent, Travel Agencies and even immigration offices will consume both your time and money. Where possible, always do your travel prepping online; sites such as Jovago.com, Expedia etc. have thousands of updated information on hotels in every other destination, making it very convenient to choose, compare price and services, check out reviews by previous guests as well.

Cooking Apps and Kitchen-Whizz Sites

So you may be wondering what thyme and the asparagus has to do with your dreamy vacation? Well, these could turn out to be your best beach buy of the season! If you are planning on a camping trip, self-catering cottages or homestays, then it’s time you expanded your app store for such apps as Big Oven and Food Network. This could make a great turning point for discovering otherwise underexplored gourmet skills while saving on that over-priced three.

Budget Apps and Expenditure Trackers

Although these savvy inventions will never literally stop you from getting from making that unneeded purchase at the duty free shop, or ordering that exotic wine beyond your means. However, a glance at the trend might at least give you a much needed slap back to reality. Budget apps also come in handy when establishing a saving plan for your next trip; with a bit of keenness, you can trace records for a clear tracking of what you need, what you want and what From baggage charges, to pitiful exchange rates and airport transfers, the last thing any budget-minded traveler wants to hear is roaming charges! With the advent of Skype, Viber and now Whatsapp calls, you can stay connected with friends and family without breaking bank. All you have to do is download the app, and make use of it.

President Kenyatta to launch Terminal 2 at JKIA

New prefabricated terminal to ease congestion through additional capacity

President Uhuru Kenyatta will today launch the new Terminal 2 at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi.

The state-of-the-art prefabricated terminal has capacity to handle 2.5 million passengers annually. The terminal’s additional capacity brings JKIA’s capacity to 7.5 million passengers annually, compared to the estimated 6.5 million passengers who go through the airport annually.

President Kenyatta will be accompanied by acting Cabinet Secretary for Transport and Infrastructure James Macharia and other senior government officials.

Map to Terminal 2

Speaking when he unveiled plans to launch the terminal, the acting Managing Director at Kenya Airports Authority (KAA), Yatich Kangugo, said that Friday’s commissioning of the facility is a huge milestone in efforts towards expansion and modernization of JKIA.

“The launch and coming to stream of this new Terminal 2 will significantly ease congestion at JKIA and deliver a better experience to passengers travelling through the airport. The additional capacity will also enhance JKIA’s capacity to effectively play its role as the gateway into the region,” Mr Kangugo added.

Terminal 2 that sits on 10,000 square meters has been installed, fitted and is already in use. Fly 540, Sax, Jubba and African Air Express are some of the airlines that have been operating from the new station.

The terminal was procured, shipped and installed at a cost of KSh1.7 billion. It will cater for both international arrivals and departures.

Besides Terminal 2, as part of the expansion and modernization of JKIA, KAA is also in the process of constructing Terminal 3 (formerly Greenfield Terminal), with an annual handling capacity of 20 million passengers. Its first phase is expected to be complete by 2018. Terminal 1A that is dedicated to the exclusive use of national carrier Kenya Airways and its partners began operations last year.

The expansion and modernization of JKIA has been designated as a flagship project in Vision 2030, Kenya’s long term economic development blueprint.