You know ,I am going to leave my Parents house soon!That thought alone makes me recall the kind of Fun campus holds for me.All my choices were UoN;For a luo like me,That should never shock you;Omera we belong there,The rest can be accomodated elsewhere.

I am feeling like I run Nairobi already;I am googling images only!!Yes,images of Women in University.of Nairobi,Today I looked at the KUCCPS website,to confirm if I will pursue this easy course my clan pursues:Bachelor of Medicine and surgery-luos do two degrees at a go;or you haven’t noticed the ‘AND’?Ok,Here is another my elder brother does Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering;infact he is the outcast in our family!He failed terribly!With 81 points,and he is not at THE University;He is at a very Technical university in Kenya.-my Doctor Father never talks about him leave alone my professor Mother rarely has him in mind!

my Ex-girls must be ready to…

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