25 Pictures That Prove Technology Is Ruining Society

Seen what you might ask? People with their heads stuck to their phones no matter where they are or what they are doing. It has become so bad that people are forgetting how to have a healthy social life. I think it’s time people put those phones/tablets down for a while and come back to the real world. Below are 25 examples of this claim:

1. Indeed, we are tied.

tied to technology 1
2. What’s the guy on the right doing? Looks mad!
tied to technology 2
3. LOL… This is deserved!
tied to technology 3
4. Is this really love?
tied to technology 4
5. What a wedding?!?!
tied to technology 5
6. Not working out to well for him…
tied to technology 6
7. How do they know when it’s their turn?
tied to technology 7
8. Looks like there is one guy who gets it.
tied to technology 8
9. Even the Chinese!
tied to technology 9
10. What a nice family dinner.
tied to technology 10
11. Some people are catching on and trying to put a stop to it!
tied to technology 11
12. Now this is what should be happening.
tied to technology 12

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13. Here is the evolution of this issue:
tied to technology 13
14. The power grid is dying…
tied to technology 14
15. Why would you ring the doorbell when you could…
tied to technology 15
16. No wonder there are so many broken relationships.
tied to technology 16
17. Why save someone when you can take a video of them?!
tied to technology 17
18. Who needs to talk when out at dinner?
tied to technology 18
19. This is sick.
tied to technology 19
20. LOL…
tied to technology 20
21. The good old days.
tied to technology 21
22. Before the outbreak:
tied to technology 22
23. Kids were kids having fun!
tied to technology 23
24. Nowadays:
tied to technology 24
25. OMG don’t do that!
tied to technology 25


Imagine a Kisumu without Malaria #REACT2015

The communities of Nyalenda B settlement in Kisumu, Kenya are riddled with Malaria because their lifestyle allows mosquitoes to flourish, most probably due to the nature of the bushy environment, open stagnant pools of water that acts as breeding grounds of the mosquitoes and also the heat in the city that allows breeding.

In this regard, Rotaract is coming to help fight the scourge; and rotaractors are traveling thousands of miles just to live for one day with them. The pleasure is in creating a legacy and every single partner who joins becomes a part of the solution to Nyalenda B’s Malaria problem.

Rotaract East Africa ImpaCT project (REACT) is a an Annual International project among Rotaract clubs drawn from 5 countries namely Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania.

VISION REACT was formed on the basis of uniting Rotaractors from diverse backgrounds and empowering them to better serve their communities on a national and an international platform. It is an annual inter-district project carried out in the different member countries. The conceptual project activities take into consideration the various Rotary areas of focus and the most immediate need of a community in a given country.
MISSION The REACT project is a campaign aimed at alleviating household problems like diseases, food security, etc by focusing on communities that are most affected and teaching them how to over-come them.
JOURNEY – REACT 2013 was conceived in the year 2013 and the implementation and launch done on the June 29, 2013. The initial project was carried out in 2 primary schools within Masaka, Uganda and activities carried out included hand washing with soap, tree planting and career guidance.The Pioneer clubs who joined the cause included the Rotaract clubs of Inyenyeri (Burundi), Kampala Central, Masaka & Mbarara (Uganda), Kigali City, S.F.B, & K.I.E (Rwanda) and Kisumu (Kenya) with over 60 participants.
REACT 2014 was hosted by the Rotaract Clubs of Inyenyeri and Bujumbura, in Bujumbura, Burundi on the 19th of April. Our beneficiaries, the households in the Buterere municipality were taught proper hand washing practices and water purification methods, receieved bars of soap,buckets, jerry cans and other sanitary equipment and were left reading materials that explained hygiene and sanitation water. We also worked in collaboration with UNICEF, Red Cross, Alchem, International, Merck Pharmaceuticals, Identity Co Ltd , the Rotary Club of Kisumu, and Rotary clubs in Burundi.
And REACT 2015 will be hosted by the Rotaract Club of Kisumu, in Kisumu- Kenya on the 4th of April. Our beneficiaries, the 323 residents of the Nyalenda ‘B’ Informal settlement will be sensitized about basic health education, vector control methods like clearing bushes and stagnant water plus distribution of insecticide treated nets to curb down on the high malaria levels in the area.
Registration is 70$ which caters to your transport to and from project, meals and accommodation (Joventure Hotel). Transport to and from your country is catered for by you.
#Lightuprotary #React2015